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No Zero Days

No Zero Day March -2 – 2019

Ok This Is my 2nd week of No ZERO DAY Blog. although i did not have much of the productivity. i guess i have improved a bit, and something to note down. so here’s my list of Improvement Diaries Noting Down Below Career Progress – Frequently Learning New things, while building my blogs and portfolio. Read More

tim ferris - tribe of mentor

Tribe Of Mentors ​

Favourite bits Tim ferris’s statement on cooking food applies exactly to the life of hustler – you Make an accomplishment (cook a food in this case)- then you completely move on for another one (another dish) – you don’t stick around . To the same goals. Even if you fail you move on. “But the Read More

Motivation Theory

My Motivation theory ​

“Having a bad day? Well Bad days happen to good people. What separates the good from the great is how we react to that bad day. Bad days often include uncomfortably clear lessons about how to grow, learn, or reassess. So the next time you’re having a bad day, make the conscious effort to find Read More

enterpreneur Rules checklist

The Start-up Motto

wannabe enterpreneur? well this is the principle to live by, this is the principle rules every silican valley Founders lives by. The Free Radicals this Rules Are Inspired and Collected From My New Reads The Messy Middle. So Who are these free radicals? We do work that is, first and foremost, intrinsically rewarding. But when we Read More

Productivity Project Book review

Productivity Project Chris Bailey – Review

productivity project – take away meditation –  i got into meditation – will also add progress  on my weekly no zero day blog (where i would be writing down my weekly progress in my habbit) so meditation could actually make you more prodctive. no zero day week track and publish openly- stop caring be open Read More

Social Media Addiction

Social Media And Junk News – in the form of content

this summarises- why i quit the social media – why you should stop reading news – From shane parrish “[W]e’re surrounded by so much information that is of immediate interest to us that we feel overwhelmed by the never-ending pressure of trying to keep up with it all.”— Nicolas Carr Basically You Are Consuming Junk – Read More

warren buffet rules

Warren Buffet

Blog – farnam street on warren buffett On  – snowball – warren buffets biography A lot of what the snowball is about the concept of learning, and creating, and the advantage of having the information and knowing it. When I came here today one of the things that I was thinking is that what you Read More

Messy Middle Book review

The Messy middle – Book Review

Never Came  Across a Book which envolves this honest story portrayal. Well such is this book The behance co-founder/ Author –  Scott Belsky. Does his best on what he is good at – story telling that too in such a creative way. I got awed by the notes i could take on this chapter. Well Read More


So this is my first No-zero Day Blog That i’m Posting Publicly (prior to this is was writing it on my journal , so i thought  why not go for public right?) so here it is.  this week i had a slow progression i dont think any worth enough to note but here you go, Read More

Vanessa Van Edwards book

Captivate the science of succeeding with people

Take control of interaction. and play by your rules skill-1 – play your position when in social event go to the most social person to talk to (the center of attraction)dint go to the person to talk to in corners they are as nervous as you and also please don’t go out or bathrooms to Read More

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