This Book Is Inspiring To a point, where i could get some notes. which i’m gonna adapt in my personal life, and although i found the book has not much to offer but somethings intrigued me to a point.

Key Notes To Focus

No daily to-do
instead opt for calender of most important thing – be that one thing to do per day. doing this you avoid clutter and not end up completing anything atleast

Not So Important To- Do List-
This You Would Only go through when you dont have anything to do. this to so list is not of so much priority. you could look into it when you have free time, may be once a week (weekend). which would give a small dopamine kick.

Organize your stuff-
This Technique i adopted from konmari method
From Laundry to dress, to all the to do list. make sure. if its not helping get rid of it. i started these with my books and podcast list also. if itsn’t helping then get rid of it rather than postponing.
clear all notes – even if you have not compleated – clear and transfer all you notes to pc – so that you look only into to do list

In Short.
problem is there is too many things to focus on author explains each and every things to handle on. it may or may not work realistically. – too much overflow of things to do in this book

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