Speed Listening to Podcast and Audiobook

This Was Inspired From The Idea Of Speed Reading From the Tim Ferris Book, which Strikes an Idea of Training Your Mind To Get More Out Of Very Less time, Thogh The concept sounds intresting but the actually putting the idea to work took a lot of time.

so i started playing the audio in 1.25 speed after some getting adjusted from 1.0 to 1.25. i slowly increaded it to 1.5 which was vey hard at first then i gt usd to it. then when i got used to it i started listening in 2.0. currently this is my speed. i may not go to 3.0 because i’m reducing my time in the audio medium. just so that i could get more time to read.

But this could be on my “MAY BE TO-DO LIST”

Default setting on vlc media speed at 1.5

Ok sO Most of the Time i spend Watching Movies or series, so a bulk of my time get wasted in vlc media (favourite media player). so yeah. the problem i got to know on later stage is That Some of the time i spend way more time, than i should spend, because slow pace movies, actually takes a lot of your time by just dragging a lot

so i found a vlc shortcut for playing the video slight faster. not control +. instead playing it in alt } so i started playing it depending on the movie and webseries. where you could finish it lot faster than you think. instead focus on something else

drinking hot water instead of cofee

This was Inspied From Steve Jobs which i found in his famous book -Becoming. so there was this scenario on the becoming of the book the writer meets steve in his begining , where steve went to drink Hot water. and explains it to the writer why the hot water soothes him

ok so this was it, so what went inspiring in this part is that