So this is my first No-zero Day Blog That i’m Posting Publicly (prior to this is was writing it on my journal , so i thought  why not go for public right?) so here it is.

 this week i had a slow progression i dont think any worth enough to note but here you go, as i say the progress is the only constant

BOOKS-i have read two books this week

  • captivate the science of succeeding with people
  • the productivity project  – Chris Blleyue
  • Messy middle – half Way through it

Where i would be writing the review on all, soon and ad the link up here, in my blog, stay tuned

career -i had stopped using phones at work (occasional important phone call is exempted)also i make time in the morning, to get enough go through my work, so that i catchup straight up from where i left off (gets me added advantage of starting early)

waking up- had a slow progress here couldn’t wake up as planned . but last two days went well, this is mainly because i’m loosing track of my sleep, using my phone on my bed time.

courses-have been taking up two courses

  • project management – almost finished (noted all the important things, might go for one more courses
  • photoshop – have been postponing ever since)

blogging-have been sucessfully writing blogs- has been days were i have compleatly forgot about this. and too lazy to write. but every other woke day i make up fot it. all i want is consistancy.a few editing is also pending of previous blog

notes- have been taking extensive notes although i have taken i havent gone through back this weekned . i ‘l artange and organise the notes. Plentry of clutter on my notes folder, which i may clear up today.

to do list-havent been succesfully compleated it. creating daily and failing consistently. would have to try to focus on this in the upcoming weekend. (have been trying to adopt different approach, will write briefly about this, if i would be successfull at this)

social media  – deleted most of my iphone apps. Just so that i could stay focused, and adapted to it by now. Now my phone has very few apps (which is most needed. Deleted instagram and twitter, would be soon deleting w, after watching messy middle.

call per 1 dear ones​  – just my attempt to keep in touch with my family and friends. Cannot day all this week. So few went successfully. Where i blindly called my old friends who i;m not in touch with for a while.

Cold Showers- very succefully compleated my cold showers. Both in the morning and evening

Things i’m Failing at Constantly –

Waking At 4.30 – i don’t why, i used to be an early raiser, now i cant blame the weather, but i’m trying to battle since days on waking up on time irresistibly but i’m failing at it, my current wake up time is around 5.30. my goal is to reach 4.00 AM. But on a slow progress so hence targeting for 4.30. so this week i planned to wake up at 4.30. so will see how it goes will update the achievement  in next week.

Music Addiction

Never in my life i could stopped music. So this time i thought og going cold turkey. But didn’t work. So i’m just limiting in the night for 1 hour , and by that i could slowly reduce the time. So this is te catch . will update this too on my

There is one more thing  –

Which i don’t wish to talk personally but once if i succeed i will announce this publicly

For right now this is it, the catch is to – maintain the progress and be good at it .

Will be writing my Next No Zero Day on –Next weekend

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