My 3rd week of No ZERO DAY Blog. Have made some tiny progress, still trying to get more things done, ok following are some worth noting things that happened to me this week.

  • Book reads – have compleated a book. Now Reading – Naseem Taleb’s Black swan, also have to complete Total Reacall this week.
  • Waking up – Getting adjusted to 4.30 AM. (2 days i failed) productivity has been improved a lot. I could do more now.
  • To Do List – still continuing the walk at night before Preparing the To-Do List. Which helps de-clutter the non important list
  • Music – Music Usage is completly reduced, now on an average i listen to 2 Quality songs, to help me focus
  • podcast, articles and blogs – listened to around 2 good Podcast . and some blogs
  • Meditation – Still Continuing the same streak, have missed 2 days of meditation class (from head space)
  • After work– working on my goals. this is hard part, and i get tired. failing at this.
  • Cold shower – i have successfully completed my cold shower week even though how cold it was

Rest Small Changes I have Made

  • Updating my social media profiles, where i’m going to be active
  • Published around 3 blogs and 2 in progress(drafting)
  • Working on website
  • Working on search engine
  • Improvement in to-do list

Failings Things

  • Failing to learn. i have to many courses to complete on my list. dont know when this would happen. so next week i will try to focus more on this. and have to take extensive notes on my learning. and would post on my next week’s no zero week blog

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