Ok This Is my 2nd week of No ZERO DAY Blog. although i did not have much of the productivity. i guess i have improved a bit, and something to note down. so here’s my list of Improvement Diaries Noting Down Below

  • Career Progress – Frequently Learning New things, while building my blogs and portfolio. also taking up advanced class in Photoshop (find out more time for it), updating my C.V (looking for a new job) also i’m taking up project management course from udemy. but all going in a slow space. will have to be more aggressive on this. going early. so that i get a head-start on my work, and work on to-do’s list
  • Book reads – i have maintained the same streak throughout the week, even though someday i have been busy with other work. and focusing on other things.
  • wake up – failed to wake up at 4.30 on the same time. now my wake up time is 5.30. so this week i;l up my game to 5.00 AM.
  • To Do List – i couldn’t complete my to do list. so i found my new hack. going for a walk before sleeping and just prepare my to do list. and start my work (just start) before going to sleep. this i have already started it , and will update the progress by next week
  • music – i cannot quit completely even though i have planed for cold turkey, but i don’t get distracted much now. i treat it as a reward game. also listening to much more mature classic songs. so i guess this wont be a problem
  • podcast, articles and blogs – going in a slow pace , but next week i will find more time for these activities, because i’m quitting down the web series
  • Cold shower – i have successfully completed my cold shower week even though how cold it was
  • Meditation – I have successfully completed 7 days of meditation (from head space)
  • After work- i’m focusing hardly on my goals now. slowly stopping cravings for all distractions right now.
  • Rest small changes i have made

made progress in seo by arranging yoast
also Photoshop editing.
google plus account create edit. and create a branding of myself (i know google plus is gonna shut down)
Spending some time for audio books but not keeping it low key. as to get more time to physical reads

even after this i have to admit i have wasted lots of time. like checking phone notification for whatssap (which i’m trying to quit) also watching tv series. and music and more will try to reduce it by next week.

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