productivity project – take away

meditation –  i got into meditation – will also add progress  on my weekly no zero day blog (where i would be writing down my weekly progress in my habbit) so meditation could actually make you more prodctive.

no zero day week track and publish openly- stop caring be open about your goals

take break to be more productive- travel – This is On my bucket list – where i wanted to go solo ever since but i don’t i could ever do it. But this would be huge orgasm to me. If once i accomplished.

To do list –

Though  All the while i have been doing it wrong writing up to do list in my phone. So istarted writing it in physical notes (sticky notes didn’t work for me) i could see a tiny difference (also battling to tick 5 list on daily basis. But i have been failing it so i cut shot it 3now ) so i have been recording it in my no-zero-day – weekly blog

Excercise – i had a skinny body since birth, then on 2015 i went into huge depression . so the one change i did which had a huge change in my lifestyle is that i started going to gym and got addicted to – then building muscles – ever since then i use to be huge fitness nerd

hotspot list – need to Focus on

  • mind
  • body
  • career
  • finance
  • fun
  • emotion

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