this summarises- why i quit the social media – why you should stop reading news – From shane parrish

“[W]e’re surrounded by so much information that is of immediate interest to us that we feel overwhelmed by the never-ending pressure of trying to keep up with it all.”— Nicolas Carr

Basically You Are Consuming Junk –
this is what click bait content mess your brain with- gossips, movie, music, – like an addictive pornography . this is also why get distracted from work and get tired from frequent social media notifications and caffeine addictions. you think you are biend productive but actually you are not

First, the speed of news delivery has increased. We used to have to wait to get a newspaper or gossip with people in our town to get our news, but not anymore. Thanks to alerts, texts, and other interruptions, news find us almost the minute it’s published.

Second, the costs to produce news have dropped significantly. Some people write 12 blog posts a day for major newspapers. It’s nearly impossible to write something thoughtful on one topic, let alone 12. Over the course of a year, this works out to writing 2880 articles (assuming four weeks of vacation). The fluency of the person you’re getting your news from in the subject they’re covering is near zero. As a result, you’re filling your head with surface opinions on isolated topics

Third, producers of news attempt to hijack our brains. News producers perpetuate a culture of “tune in, don’t miss out, follow this or you’ll be misinformed, oh wait, look at this!” As you consume more and more of that kind of news, you have less and less time for what matters.

Fourth, the incentives are misaligned. In part, because there is a lot of competition, most news outlets feel compelled to offer free news. After all, everyone else is doing it. However, when the news is free, you still need to pay people, so you move away from a subscription model that was selling static ads to a captive audience to a model that’s selling the audience to advertisers. Page views become the name of the game, and the more, the better. For a lot of people who create news

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